About Sacred Earthlings


Sacred Earthlings is a blog where faith and religion crosses with science fiction and fantasy. The blog is associated with Third Order, a webzine publishing speculative fiction on the first of every month.

You’ll find a lot to think about here, from analysis to book reviews, interviews with authors and thinkers, writing tips, current events, connections to fictional religions, news, and more. Sacred Earthlings is the kind of blog that might examineJedi celibacy, connects Cersei’s big walk in A Dance With Dragons with the Internet shame spiral, talks about Pope Francis’ new encyclical, explores the Vedas and aggregates all of the short stories we can find where Jesuits meet extraterrestrials in some fashion.

On Sacred Earthlings, we’re catholic with a small ‘c’ — all faiths and religions start from the same point, and their followers are respected, not criticized or bashed. We’re interested in how people believe, why people believe, and what people believe; we’re not interested in punishing or putting down people or their beliefs. We’re interested in how beliefs are expressed and examined, both in real life and in fiction. We read and write about religion in speculative fiction as a mirror and a lens, and for its own sake to wonder what the Creator might have in store for us in the worlds beyond our own. All earthlings are wonderful and important!

Sacred Earthlings is run by Karen Osborne, a writer, filmmaker and photographer from Baltimore, MD.

photo credit: via photopin (license)