The Moon Is Squishy

“When I was a little kid, we only knew about our nine planets. Since then, we’ve
downgraded Pluto but have discovered that other solar systems and stars are common.
So life is probably quite prevalent.” — Buzz Aldrin

One of the best things about modern space exploration is listening to the tales from people who have been there — whether it’s homemade music videos from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, hanging out with astronauts at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, or tweets from Buzz Aldrin, one of the astronauts to land on the moon. There are awe-inspiring tales. There are amazing tales. But yesterday’s was one of the cutest:

When kids ask me what it felt like to walk on the moon I say “squishy”! They are #GenerationMars. #Apollo11

Posted by Buzz Aldrin onĀ Monday, July 20, 2015


The moon is squishy.

Like a Koosh ball toy, or a pan of congealed Jello, or a muffin.

Tell me that’s not the most amazing thing you’ve heard today.

Image: David Scott, astronaut, gives a salute during Apollo 15, CC license

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